Some Use Cases of RDS
By Abhinay Durishetty
1 mins read
Some Use Cases of RDS

  • Web Applications: Use RDS as a backend database for your website or mobile app.
  • Data Warehousing: Aggregate and analyze data from various sources.
  • E-commerce: Support your online store with a robust and scalable database.
  • Content Management: Store and manage articles, images, and videos.
  • Gaming: Use RDS to maintain game state, player profiles, and leaderboards.
  • Real-time Analytics: Analyze data in real-time for immediate insights.
  • IoT Applications: Store data from IoT devices for analysis and reporting.

There are some advanced topics in AWS RDS, such as parameter groups and option groups. Real-time use cases for these topics include changing parameter groups to optimize database performance and using option groups to generate audit and error logs in AWS CloudWatch. I will explain these briefly so that you understand what they actually are.