About BeyondScale

Founded in 2016 in Hyderabad, India, BeyondScale began as an IT infrastructure company catering to fintech applications in the US East Coast. Our expertise in both Windows server administration and Linux engineering quickly distinguished us in the field. As our horizons broadened, we delved into crafting web applications for diverse clientele and have since established a presence in the US.

Comprising a team of passionate and forward-thinking engineers, we're driven by our love for challenges and an unwavering commitment to our engineering. We prioritize high availability, ensuring the web services we deliver are not only secure and robust but also scalable to no end
Our values

We're committed to walking the walk of being good actors as a business partner.

Together We Grow
Your success fuels us. We deeply value collaboration and take the time to understand your unique needs.
Tackle Big Problems
We invest in research, discover new possibilities, and share solutions that enhance your business and the world.
Do The Right Thing
Integrity comes first. If something doesn't feel right, we pause, reassess, and recalibrate our strategy.
Honest & Transparent
Clear communication is non-negotiable, even if it's tough to hear. Transparency is our commitment, not an option.
Our Team
At BeyondScale, our team is a blend of dynamic, tech-savvy innovators dedicated to pushing boundaries
  • Shashank Punuru
    Founder & CEO
  • Penumala Jeevan Sashank
    Tech Lead
  • Sai Rajasekhar Kurada
    Windows Technical Lead
  • Nikhila Sattala
    Project Manager
  • Sagili Yashwanth Reddy
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Swetha Anusha Goteti
    Associate Consultant
  • Tejashwini Duluri
    Software Developer
  • Sharan Mohan Kasandula
    Tech Lead
  • Tiyyagura Sai Kumar
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Sunil Jain
    Web Developer
  • B Sasi Kumar
    HR Manager
  • Gopi Krishna Vadranam
    Senior Software engineer
  • Sahinya Gottipati
    Web Developer
  • Atul Kumar
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Mohammed Shahed Ali
    Web Developer
If you like to be a part of our team, please feel free to get in touch:
Email: careers@beyondscale.tech
Phone: +91 40 4017 3686