AWS Consulting Services

Empowering Your Cloud Journey with Expertise, Precision, and Reliability.
The cloud landscape, led by giants like AWS, is expansive and ever-evolving. At BeyondScale, we don't just set up AWS infrastructure; we tailor it, optimize it, and ensure it aligns seamlessly with your business goals, application requirements, and budget considerations.
Why Choose BeyondScale
We craft AWS Solutions Beyond Expectations, Tailored to Your Vision
Comprehensive Environment Management
From initial setup to continuous management, we specialize in crafting and overseeing multiple AWS environments tailored to your needs - be it Development, QA, UAT, or Production.
Safety and real-time insights are paramount
We employ comprehensive AWS audit trails for transparent activity logging, AWS Key Services management for secure data access and Proactive application monitoring with Cloudwatch and SNS Topics.
Certified Excellence
Our team of certified AWS engineers is at the heart of our AWS consulting prowess. Supported by our 24x7 infrastructure service team, we guarantee constant vigilance, immediate troubleshooting, and consistent optimal performance
Adherence to Best Practices
Your cloud infrastructure deserves the best, and so do you. We uphold ITIL standards, ensuring that every AWS solution we deploy is underpinned by globally recognized best practices.
Automation with Terraform
In a dynamic cloud ecosystem, agility is key. We utilize Terraform to automate your AWS setup, ensuring quicker deployments, consistent configurations, and scalable infrastructure management.
Vendor Freedom
While we'd love to be your long-term AWS partner, we also ensure we don't lock you in. Our meticulous documentation practices ensure that, if needed, your project can transition smoothly to another vendor.
Diverse AWS Expertise
Our hands-on experience extends across a myriad of AWS services:
  • Computing
    Harness the power of AWS with EC2 instances, serverless Lambda functions, and container management via ECS Fargate.
  • Storage & Database
    Safeguard and streamline data with S3 storage solutions, manage databases using RDS, and process real-time streams with Kafka.
  • Networking
    Optimize connectivity using AWS Route 53, ensure fast content delivery via Cloudfront, and secure network traffic with VPCs, Security Groups, and ACLs.
  • AI & ML
    Elevate your data insights using Tensorflow on AWS, bringing machine learning to your fingertips.
  • Monitoring & Management
    Stay ahead with CloudWatch monitoring, receive timely alerts through SNS Topics, and securely manage access with AWS Key Services.
  • Security
    Fortify your AWS setup with the robust AWS WAF, enhance content delivery and security via Cloudfront, and manage user permissions seamlessly with AWS IAM.
.. and many more, ensuring a holistic AWS solution for every unique challenge.
Meet our experts
  • Nikhila Sattala
    Technical Lead
    Leading with over 13 years of experience, with a background in Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks, excels in designing secure and scalable cloud-based applications.
  • Abhinay Durishetty
    AWS Solutions Engineer
    An AWS Certified DevOps Engineer with expertise in Systems administration, coupled with extensive knowledge in provisioning and optimising AWS databases.
  • Siva Dondapati
    AWS Solutions Engineer
    Expertise in crafting scalable cloud-based applications and proficiently implementing automation solutions.
  • Vineela Raya
    AWS Associate
    An adept cloud architect, specialised in crafting dependable and budget-conscious cloud systems, skilfully managing cost optimization strategies.
  • Charan Sagili
    AWS Associate
    An accomplished cloud architect with a mastery of orchestrating infrastructure using best practices and advanced AWS services.
Our Customer Onboarding Process
Understanding Your Needs
Every AWS journey begins with a conversation. Through a series of meetings, we dive deep into your requirements, ensuring we have a crystal-clear understanding of what you aim to achieve with AWS.
Safety First
Your trust is paramount. Before diving into the details, we sign an NDA, ensuring all discussions and shared data are kept confidential. Furthermore, when it comes to accessing your server environments, know that we treat your keys with the utmost seriousness. BeyondScale employs stringent internal security measures, ensuring all keys and access data are safeguarded with the highest level of protection.
Contractual Agreement
Post understanding, we chart out a tailored contract detailing:
  1. Base Price Component: A dedicated fee for regular monitoring, administration, and developer support. This ensures that your AWS infrastructure always remains in its optimal state.
  2. Professional Fee: For specialized engineering activities or infrastructure implementation, our charges are based on an hourly rate, ensuring you only pay for the time and expertise your project truly needs.
Team Selection & Project Kickoff
Your project's success hinges on the right talent. We collaboratively select engineers best suited for your project's demands. These specialists then onboard, working in tandem with your engineering team, ensuring seamless integration and a smooth project commencement.
Harness the full potential of AWS with BeyondScale's expert consulting!
Our Clients Love Us
  • Jas Singh
    Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, MarketWise
    We at Chaikin Analytics have been partners with BeyondScale for several years now. They have helped us optimize our infrastructure, improve application performance, and enhance our capabilities to better serve our customers. Their proactive monitoring and rapid response to issues have helped us manage downtime and disruptions. Recently, BeyondScale worked with us to lift, shift, and refactor our application infrastructure from a data center to AWS cloud.

    I highly recommend their services to any technology group looking for top-tier application management services
At BeyondScale, we not only prioritise operational excellence but also emphasise establishing lasting trust. As you embark on your AWS journey with us, be assured that your data, access, and overall digital identity are safeguarded with the best industry practices.