Some Use Cases for IAM
By Abhinay Durishetty
1 mins read
Some Use Cases for IAM:

User Management: Create different IAM users for employees and assign permissions based on job roles.
API Access: Provide secure and restricted API access for various applications.
Temporary Access: Grant temporary permissions for contractors or for specific operations.
Cross-Account Access: Use IAM roles to share resources across different AWS accounts securely.
Service Control: Assign roles to AWS services to interact with resources in your account.
Resource Tagging: Tag IAM users, roles, and groups for easier management and cost-tracking.
Data Encryption: Control who has access to encryption and decryption keys.
Automated Policies: Implement automated policies for password rotation, access reviews, and more.

In summary, AWS IAM provides a robust framework for securely managing access to your AWS resources. It’s the cornerstone for implementing security best practices and governance in your AWS environment.