How to Set Up AWS IAM
By Abhinay Durishetty
2 min read
How to Set Up AWS IAM

Step 1: Sign In to AWS
Log into your AWS Management Console using your AWS account credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to IAM Dashboard
Locate the "Services" dropdown and choose "IAM" under the "Security, Identity, & Compliance" section.

Step 3: Create Users
Click the "Users" tab and then select the “Add User” button. Follow the prompts to set usernames and assign permissions.

Step 4: Set Up Roles
Under the “Roles” tab, click “Create Role.” Define the role, specify permissions, and assign it to users or AWS services.

Step 5: Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Go to the “Dashboard” and under “Security Status,” activate MFA to add an extra layer of security.

Step 6: Configure Password Policies
Under “Account settings,” you can set your password policy, specifying complexity requirements and rotation policies.

Step 7: Set Up Groups (Optional)
For ease of management, you can create groups and assign users to them. Each group can have a specific set of permissions.

Step 8: Review Permissions
Always periodically review permissions for each role and user to ensure they align with current needs.

Step 9: Audit and Monitor
Use AWS CloudWatch along with IAM access logs to continuously monitor and audit activities.