Real-time Results Sharing for Ship Pooling

Delivering a Bespoke Solution with Modern Technologies
In the ever-evolving realm of maritime operations, a prominent ship pooling company sought digital advancement. Recognizing the need for digital innovation, they aspired for a solution that would empower ship owners with real-time insights into their daily income, tracking ships, viewing vessel related documents coupled with a plethora of additional features to streamline their operations.

Project Genesis
Entrusted with this vision, BeyondScale embarked on a meticulously planned journey, leveraging modern technologies and standards to develop a tool that would address the company's multifaceted needs.

Application Features & Dynamics

1. State-of-the-Art Progressive Web App (PWA): Recognizing the mobile-centric users, BeyondScale developed a PWA. This ensured that ship owners had instant access to critical data, anytime and anywhere, without compromising on speed or functionality.

2. Advanced Backend Algorithm: A specially-crafted algorithm was engineered, focusing on ship voyages to calculate fixed percentages, providing ship owners with precise financial insights.

3. Seamless Third-Party Integration: The application was integrated with a renowned vessel fixing software. This integration meant real-time updates, ensuring data within the application was always current and accurate.

4. Comprehensive Administrator Dashboard: For the company's internal staff, a robust dashboard was designed. This interface was equipped with functionalities for managing vessels, adjusting voyages, and overseeing user access, among others.

Technological Highlights

Django for Backend: Django, a high-level Python web framework, was chosen for its robustness and scalability. Its capabilities played a pivotal role in shaping the application's backend, ensuring both security and efficiency.

Embracing Progressive Web App Standards: BeyondScale developed the solution as a PWA, ensuring adaptability across devices while leveraging modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users.

Data Management & Secure Storage: PostgreSQL, known for its robustness, was the backbone for data storage. In addition, using Amazon S3's signed URLs ensured documents were stored with utmost security and could be accessed swiftly.

Unwavering Focus on Security: Protecting sensitive data was a top priority. Advanced encryption techniques were employed, ensuring the application's resilience against potential threats.

Iterative Development Approach: The project's lifecycle, lasting 90 days, was marked by a continuous emphasis on modern design and technological standards.

Efficient Deployment & Monitoring: Dockerization ensured streamlined deployment. A detailed monitoring setup, comprising system alerts and logs, guaranteed seamless operations and swift interventions if needed.

The resulting ship-tracking application stands as a testament to BeyondScale's dedication to technological excellence. With over four years in operation, it exemplifies the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and deep industry understanding.
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