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Still tracking & managing
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but here's a sobering stat:

80% of companies experience unplanned
downtime due to paper-based inefficiencies.
AI Powered Maintenance Solution
Make Things Happen
Look around and catch opportunities everywhere in order to clear your mind and take your abilities to the next level
Predict Problems
Instead of scrambling to fix breakdowns, proactively identify issues 30% earlier with real-time data.
Cut Costs
Ditch manual data entry and save 30% on maintenance expenses.
Boost Productivity
Free your team from paperwork and increase efficiency by 20%.
Key Features
Unleash the Maintenance Marvel
Assets & Spare Parts Management
Centralised repo of all your assets, their spare parts and suppliers ensures:

  • Optimal performance of assets reducing the CapEx and increasing the productivity.
  • Maintaining right parts at right time; reduce spare parts procurement delays.
SOPs & Reports
OneTap CMMS simplifies audits and inspections with digitized SOPs and custom reports on maintenance activities, asset health, and compliance metrics:

  • Comprehensive source for auditors, facilitates smoother evaluations.
  • Tailored reports meet specific audit requirements.
Preventive Maintenance
Brings in efficiency through proactive, continuous improvement and optimization of maintenance strategies using our:

  • Digitalised SOPs
  • Organised Schedulers and Timely Reminders.
  • Automated generation of Audit Trails providing transparency and accountability.
  • Real-Time updates ensuring maintenance teams are always working with latest SOPs.
Work Order Management
Understanding the importance of streamlined work flows in enhancing the productivity, our CMMS:

  • Simplifies creation of work orders and corrective measures resulting in reduced MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
  • Real-time updates to all stakeholders facilitates faster decisions and quick break fixes.
Agreements Tracking & Vendor Collaboration System
Monitors AMCs and Warranty agreements, ensuring streamlined contract management, reducing SLA breaches, controlling costs and decreasing Turnaround Time (TAT) through:

  • Contract renewals reminders.
  • Analytics of SLA adherence, response times & overall vendor effectiveness.
  • Documentation management & Compliance checks.
Learning Management System
Integrated LMS with CMMS, enhances workforce skills for:

  • Maintaining efficient and continual operations.
  • Meets regulatory requirements.
  • Contributes to safer and more productive work environment.

Your data's security is our priority, providing you with peace of mind as you optimize operations with

OneTap CMMS.

  • Data Hosting Choices
    Your choice, your control! OneTap CMMS offers flexible deployment options - keep your data on-premise or seamlessly migrate to the cloud.
  • AWS Partnership &
    ISO Certification
    As an AWS Select Tier Partner, OneTap CMMS adheres to industry standards. And hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring your data is safeguarded with the utmost diligence.
  • Data Safeguards
    Our proactive data security measures includes regular backups, robust data encryption, MFA configuration, and continuous audits and monitoring to ensure the highest level of protection.
Case Studies
Asset Management &
Vendor Collaboration System
A web portal, addressing the challenges of diverse vendor landscapes, tracked 10 lakh devices, processed 1.32 lakh tickets ensuring efficient IT asset management.
Work Order Management &
Custom Reports Generations
Streamlined monitoring of social institutions through structured assessments, a ticketing system, verification, and customizable workflows, enhancing governance.
Asset Management &
Work Order Management
This technology-driven solution, leveraging features like GeoTagging, Water Quantity Management, Leakage Management, and Scour Valve Operations, lead to efficient issue resolution.
Harnessing the Power of "AI" in CMMS
Automatic creation of SOPs, work orders, and scheduled maintenance in OneTap CMMS
minimises manual efforts and errors, enables proactive problem resolution
resulting in an efficient maintenance process.
Core Focus Areas
Essential Pillars of an Efficient CMMS
Tailor OneTap CMMS to your workflows, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.

User-Friendly Interface
Navigate effortlessly with our user-friendly CMMS interface for seamless operations.

Mobile Accessibility
Stay connected on-the-go with our mobile-friendly CMMS for anytime, anywhere access.

Training and Support
Empowers your team with robust trainings and dedicated support for optimal performance.
Compliance and Regulations
Ensure compliance effortlessly through automated tracking and adherence to industry standards.
Security Measures
Equipped with advanced security measures, such as SCO2 protocols, ensuring data protection.
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