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Citrix Runtime Error 217

Troubleshooting Runtime Error 217 When Opening Citrix Apps in VDA Sessions with Redirected Client Printers
Citrix is a popular virtualization and remote access solution that enables users to access applications and desktops from virtually anywhere. However, like any complex software, Citrix environments can sometimes encounter issues. One common issue users face is the Runtime Error 217 when opening Citrix apps within VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) sessions, particularly when redirected client printers are involved. In this blog post, we will explore this problem, it's possible causes, and solutions to resolve it effectively.

Understanding Runtime Error 217
Runtime Error 217 is a common error message that occurs in Windows-based environments, including Citrix. It typically points to a problem with the software's execution and can manifest itself in various ways. When opening Citrix apps in VDA sessions with redirected client printers, this error can disrupt user productivity and cause frustration.

As a general practice, user VDA sessions will be pre-loaded with printers added to the client terminal. 'Auto-create client printers' setting specifies the client printers that are auto-created. By default, all the client printers are auto created. This setting takes effect only if the 'Client printer redirection' setting is present and set to 'Allowed'.

If there are several printers added to the client and with auto-create all printers settings is enabled, VDA session will map all the printers from the client resulting in ‘Runtime Error 217’ while opening the published application.

This cannot be solved by updating the associated and underlying components involved or even with a full repair of the OS.

Proposed Solution
Change the printer policy to only auto-create client's default setting to stop all the unwanted printers coming in to the VDA session thus allowing the apps to open without the runtime errors. Please see the below screenshots for reference.
  1. This setting takes effect only if the Client printer redirection setting is present and set to Allowed.
  2. With this setting ON, when you want a particular printer displayed in your VDA session, make the respective printer as a default printer.
Other troubleshooting solutions:

Update Printer Drivers:
  • Ensure that both the client and server have up-to-date printer drivers installed.
  • Consider using Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD) for improved compatibility.
Resource Allocation:
  • Monitor resource utilization in your VDA sessions to ensure that there are no resource conflicts.
  • Allocate sufficient memory and CPU resources to Citrix sessions to prevent runtime errors.
Citrix Workspace App Update:
  • Keep the Citrix Workspace App on both client devices and VDA servers updated to the latest compatible version.
  • Regularly check for updates and apply them as necessary.
Operating System Compatibility:
  • Ensure that client devices and VDA servers are running compatible versions of Windows OS.
  • Perform OS updates and patches as needed to maintain compatibility.
Troubleshooting Tools:
  • Utilize Citrix diagnostic tools and logs to identify specific issues causing the runtime error.
  • Investigate Citrix policy settings related to client printers and make adjustments if necessary.

Runtime Error 217 can be a frustrating issue in Citrix environments, especially when it occurs during VDA sessions with redirected client printers. By understanding the possible causes and implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve this error, ensuring a smoother user experience for your Citrix users. Regular maintenance, updates, and vigilant monitoring are essential for preventing and addressing runtime errors in your Citrix environment.